Please contact the Financial Aid office to see what documents are required to make the necessary changes to your application. The Financial Aid Office can be reached at Note: changes to your OSAP application may result in a reassessment of funding.

Please upload a brief statement to your OSAP application outlining the change that needs to be made. If you have any questions, the Financial Aid Office can be reached at Note: with this change being made, you will notice a reassessment of your OSAP funding.

Yes, in most cases it will. You will be reassessed in the areas of return travel/travel allowance as well as living allowance (if you decide to live with your parents during your study period). Please check your OSAP application throughout the summer to ensure your application is up-to-date and to check for any reassessment of funding.

No, as long as some of your classes are being delivered face-to-face, requiring you to be on-campus, you won’t need to request a change to your OSAP application in the area of program delivery.

Please visit OSAP section for further details about the confirmation of enrolment process.

The preferred method of supporting document submission is for you to directly upload your documents to your application. You can upload documents from the Print/Upload page in your account.

If you have other documents such as reviews or appeals, look for the link that says, 'Click here if you have other (optional) documents to upload'. This will take you to the Optional Uploads page where you can submit application updates or review documents.

If you are unable to upload your documents to your application, you can also email documents to Make sure you use your uoguelph email account and ensure you include your student ID in your message. Please send your documents as PDFs.

Yes, CERB or CESB received during your OSAP study period will need to be reported as 'other income'. Do not report CERB or CESB in the government income section of your application, but rather include it along with all other income in your response to the 'other income' question.

To reset your OSAP password:

  1. Visit the OSAP website
  2. Click 'Log In'
  3. Click 'Forgot OAN or password' to retrieve either your OSAP Access Number (OAN) or password using the online or email options.

If you cannot retrieve the information this way, contact for the next steps.

We are working closely with the Ministry of Colleges and Universities to ensure students are not penalized due to a COVID-19 related withdrawal. Students who fully or partially withdraw due to COVID-19 (i.e., drop below full-time OSAP eligibility) will be eligible to submit an appeal. This appeal will be for students who, due to COVID-19, are ill, self-isolating, quarantined or caring for an immediate family member (i.e., spouse, parent or dependent) and could not participate in class. It can also be used for students who withdrew due to mental health issues resulting from COVID-19. Details about the appeal process will be available later.

Selecting the pass designation versus a numerical grade will not directly impact your OSAP academic progress requirements. OSAP will consider the total number of completed credits over your study period to assess academic progress.

Students who do not meet OSAP academic progress requirements due to circumstances beyond their control can submit an appeal. Please email for further details.