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OSAP and Your Student Account

Confirmation of Enrolment Process

  • Informs the Ministry of Colleges and Universities (MCU) that you are enrolled in post-secondary studies and releases your OSAP funding
  • Completed on a per-semester basis (fall/winter/summer) for students that have a complete OSAP application
  • Students must check their OSAP account frequently to ensure their application is ready for the confirmation of enrolment process
  • This process starts approximately 10 days before the start of each semester
  • Once enrolment is confirmed, any remaining funding not remitted to your student account will be deposited into your bank account 5 to 10 days later by the National Student Loan Service Centre (NSLSC)
  • Students studying in the fall and winter semesters will have 60% of their funding released in the fall semester and 40% in the winter semester

Remitting Funds for Your Student Account

  • OSAP funding is remitted directly to the campus each semester during the confirmation of enrolment process to assist in paying your student account
  • Student accounts that have enough OSAP funding to cover the outstanding account balance require no further payment
  • If you have more OSAP funding than is required to pay your student account, the remainder will automatically go to your bank account
  • Accounts paid in full at the time of confirmation of enrolment will not have funds remitted
  • If you do not have enough OSAP funding to pay your balance in full, the Financial Aid Office will email you how much is still owed by the payment deadline
  • The $200 registration deposit is not covered by your OSAP funding and must be paid from your own funds