At this time, the best method of communication is email, whether you're studying on-campus or off-campus. Email

We recommend reaching out to SAS before August 7, 2020 to ensure all documentation is complete and accommodations are in place before the semester begins. However, you can reach out to SAS at any time. Please note: your accommodations may be delayed if you reach out past the August 7th, 2020 date.

Whether you're learning from a distance or on-campus, all of your SAS needs will be addressed. You will still receive all accommodations that you qualify for.

If you are learning off campus this semester, your Agreement will be emailed to you. We will go over your Accommodation Agreement by phone to address any questions you may have. You can then print your Agreement to sign and email it back.

Yes! Depending on availability of note-takers, this service will be provided.

Unfortunately, IEP’s are not an acceptable form of documentation. Please email SAS if you have any questions,, or refer to the Ridgetown Campus site to learn more acceptable documentation.