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Getting Started To-Do List

Wondering what you need to get done before the start of your first semester? The Getting Started 'To-Do' List can help you with your next steps and highlight upcoming deadlines that are important in preparing for the fall! Note: Some dates may be subject to change

Academic Program Offer of Admission

Accept Your Offer of Admission on

Deadline May 1, 2022 or as stated

Apply to Residence

Apply to live on campus in Steckley Hall

Residence Application and Deposit Due June 1, 2022

Student Accessibility Services

Register with Student Accessibility Services if you require accommodations

Sign-up is open, however your accommodation may be Delayed

Ridgetown Ready (Day 1)

Register to attend Ridgetown Ready Day on July 27

Sign-up for this date is now closed

Ridgetown Ready (Day 2)

Register to attend Ridgetown Ready Day on August 11

Sign-up for this date is now closed

Registration Deposit

$200 Registration Deposit payment due; This must be paid in advance of your OSAP funding.

There will not be a separate invoice developed for the registration deposit; the deposit payment will be deducted from your F22 Student Account bill

Deadline Past
Please for assistance

Aug 23

Textbook Sales

Purchase books and parking pass on the Campus Webstore

Sales Open August 23, 2022

Aug 31

Student Card Photo

Upload your student card photo; online submission required

Now Open
Closes August 31, 2022

You have 13 days to submit your photo

Sep 16

Fall Semester Tuition and Fees Payment

Payment on remaining student account balance due

Payment Due September 16, 2022

You have 29 days to remit payment

Sep 16

First Semester Course Registration

Register into your F22 courses

Registration Now Open
Closes September 16, 2022

You have 29 days to register

Confirmation (Proof) of Enrolment

Submit a Confirmation of Enrolment Letter request to the Campus Registrar if needed

Opens Mid-June/July

After course registration is complete

Sep 23

Student Health and Dental Plans Opt-Out

If you already have comparable coverage, you can apply to opt-out

Now Open
Closes September 23, 2022

You have 36 days to 'opt-out'

Oct 7

Awards Application Deadline

Review and apply for available Fall Awards and Bursaries

Opens August 31, 2022
Closes October 7, 2022

Student Financial Aid (OSAP)

Opened April 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

Review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages for information about: