Proof (Confirmation) of Enrolment

  • Complete the Proof of Enrolment form if you require confirmation that you are enrolled as a student for the release of educational funds (e.g., RESPs), a student line of credit, a parent's/spouse's health insurance plan, or a parent's/spouse's workplace scholarship
  • You will receive your letter by email as a PDF document
  • Diploma students must be registered for courses via WebAdvisor before you can submit a Proof of Enrolment request.
  • Certificate students do not use WebAdvisor and thus are automatically enrolled in their courses
  • Students registered for 0.50 to 1.50 credits at the time of request for confirmation are considered part-time

Processing Times

  • 5 business days in January, August, and September
  • 3 business days at other times of the year